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Acting Workshops : The Meisner Technique

Admission: Contact dean@deanlundquist.com /(65) 9825 0765
Course Fees: SGD $400 (10% early bird discount if you sign up one month before the start of the class)
Note: Workshops are intended for adults 18 years of age or older

“Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” —Sanford Meisner

Award-winning writer, director and actor Dean Lundquist leads these five-week workshops on “the theatre’s best kept secret” — the Meisner Technique.

Students of Meisner’s technique include actors, directors and writers such as Alec Baldwin, Jeff Bridges, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Tina Fey, Bob Fosse, James Gandolfini, Jeff Goldblum, Grace Kelly, David Mamet, Dylan McDermott, Steve McQueen, Christopher Melon, Arthur Miller, Gregory Peck, Sandra Bullock, Sydney Pollack and John Voight to name a few.

In these workshops, participants will learn Meisner’s theory of acting while developing a solid craft through a series of fun, graduated exercises. Participants can look forward to becoming freer and more spontaneous artists by mastering a set of acting tools designed to serve them for a lifetime.

Level 1 : Foundation

4 March to 4 April 2014
Every Tuesday & Friday, 8pm - 10pm

The Foundation course is appropriate for any actor, from beginners to working professional. As the name implies, actors will experience series of exercises designed by master acting teacher Sanford Meisner in order to lay the foundation for further work. These fun and interesting exercises address the major problems that prevent actors from living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

Level 2 : Text/Scene Study

Next session : TBA

In this exciting step of the Meisner technique, Dean Lundquist guides you through a step-by-step method of bringing a vivid authenticity to the roles you play. As you work through the exercises, you will learn how to avoid the traps and clichés that befall many actors. Additionally, participants will dispense with preconceived notions of character and learn how to carve out their unique path of discovery by learning how to interpret text. Participants will work on a number of scenes and monologues with and without a partner. Rehearsal time outside of class will be necessary.

Level 3 : Shakespeare Scene Study

Next session : TBA

In this final class, actors will gain an understanding of how to make classic plays accessible to modern audiences without compromising the textual integrity. Additionally, they will learn how to search Shakespeare’s verse for hidden clues to their characters’ motivations while balancing intellect and passion to make the theatre’s most famous soliloquies seem fresh.


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